There's a new inhabitant on the island! Check out Brekyn Central for the latest news and photos of my newest niece, Brekyn Kelso.

Unlike contestants on those silly reality tv shows, people have been living on Star Island for about ten years now! We've yet to win a million dollars, but we've had fun anyway. Star Island was around before islands became so popular, and, in fact, we were around before the world wide web even existed! (SI was born in January of 1990 and the World Wide Web followed in October 1990.)

Aside from the propietor, the main inhabitant of our virtual island is Todd A. Andrews, my confidant, right-hand man, first officer, co-conspirator, and friend. He will be the first inductee in the Star Island Hall of Fame! I've come to rely on him as someone who can get any job done and knows just about anything (and can quickly find it if he doesn't know it off the top of his head). His logistical skills were crucial during the 1993 Star Island Adventure, and his editing, proofing, and sharp reasoning abilities have been called on too many times to count. I figure I only owe him about a million favors, give or take a few hundred! Thanks for all the good times and snooker-scams, StarBro!.

Another regular on the Island is Vicki Hessel Werkley, who wears many hats and really knows how to kick back and relax while chewing chocolate-covered cherries! Yeah, right! She retired from her first career and now works longer hours being an editor and consultant! Aside from being a good friend and enthusiastic supporter, her editing skills are top-notch, and she's usually the "sounding board" for many of the wild and crazy ideas we come up with here in Island country. In addition to being co-editor of BLUE LIGHTS, she's now a published author, and if you haven't read her book Girl-On-Fire, you're in for a treat when you do. If you'd like to keep up with what's new with her, check out her website: If you'd like information about her book, visit Haven Books at You can also order her book from A new book, "Taking The Redwoods," is going to be published soon!

A relative newcomer to the Island is Charles P. Simoncini, better known as just plain Chuck. He and I are editors of the BLUE LIGHTS Info Pulse, the new supplement to the BLUE LIGHTS STARMAN newsletter. After our initial issue in 1999, we've been resting on our laurels (I wish!) and plotting issue #2. We're also going to get this web thing up and running even if it kills us! (Forget about new tricks--I want a dog that can type error-free HTML!) Chuck didn't find out about Spotlight STARMAN until a few years ago, but has since made up for lost time. He also hosted the BLUE LIGHTS mailing party in 1999, and has recently bought property in Grass Valley, CA, where one of the STARMAN episodes was filmed. ("THE GIFT," if you must know!) He might be retiring soon (last I heard they were in the "haggling stage.") Chuck will be hosting the 2003 "Starviewing In Ironwood" Con. You can find out more about Starview on Chuck's website.

Our Star Island "Medicine Doctor" is Gayle HighPine, who lives "all the way" in Portland, OR, and is a Star Island fanzine contributor, artist, musician, and editor of the FOCUS letterzine. Gayle is currently studying languages at Portland Community College, Cascade and has made a return trip to Ecudaor to continue her studies. She is also a frequent poster to STARMANET (see links page).

Our Star Island "Visionary" is Sandra L. Smith. She has contributed to our zines and drew the t-shirt artwork for the 1993 Star Island Adventure. She also designed that gorgeous cover on AMAZING VARIETY. Her frequent flier miles have recently gone up thanks to fulfilling a life-long dream to become a pilot. She resides in North Carolina at the University for Human Goodness.

Honorary Inhabitants

Although a relative newcomer to SSI, Nancy Brauer lost no time catching up. A multimedia programmer-analyst by day, Nancy cooks up lots of STARMAN projects in that ever-elusive spare time. She's a prolific and highly talented author who's given us lots of great reading. Her stories include "Reunion," "Masquerade," and "Double Take." Now Nancy's penning the new "series" STARBORN. Nancy has also been of great benefit to SSI webmasters and the BLUE LIGHTS staff. She's helped many with their websites, including me, and designed the awesome new look of the official SSI website. She also has done much graphics wrangling in Photoshop for the BL editors, making invaluable small repairs to images. Nancy, as I noted in a STARMANET post, is a valuable addition to any well-designed Universe!

Sara Andrea Vera ("Andy") is another newbie to SSI. A native of Chile, Andy has created the Karen Isley webpage at, which has a lot of nifty STARMAN desktop wallpapers. They really look awesome on the computer! Andy visited the USA in Spring 2002, and although she won't be stopping by the Island, we welcome her anyway!

A Cast Of Thousands...

We'd also like to thank the hundreds of other folks who aren't named here but have helped or contributed in various ways. We couldn't have done it without you!

If you'd like to live on the Island, send us a short note indicating who you are, what you've accomplished, and what you'd do if you lived on Star Island:


Above: some common denizens of the Island captured at the 1999 BLUE LIGHTS Mailing Party:
left to right, Bette Wilgus, Bruce Jividen, Todd Andrews, Vicki Werkley.
A portrait of Chuck Simoncini is behind them.
Photo courtesy Todd Andrews.

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