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Official Mascot, Mike Starr Mike Starr is Star Island's newest mascot. He joined the crew in January of 2003 as part of Star Island's 13th birthday celebration and is our official teenager-in-residence. You will periodically see him post in the Blue Dolphin Cafe Forum, where he likes to hang out, and performing other duties such as error logging and web-browser cookie wrangling. Turn-ons: skateboards, video games, rap music, recess, message boards, and girls. ("Especially girls!" he says.) Turn-offs: elevator music, authority figures, schoolwork. Like any teenage boy, Mike has a small attitude problem and is only slightly more controlled than a nuclear blast. A glance at his iPod reveals the complete works of Eminem and Dr. Dre, several QuickTime movie trailers, and the music video for "Freestyler." Mike recently achieved 15 minutes of fame by appearing in the comic strip "Starville."
Official Mascot, Zippy Nebula Zippy Nebula is Star Island's classic mascot, first conceived in 1990. He is a class G2 star, just like the Sun, and has a reputation for being very bright. ("What a groaner," Mike says. "Did you have to say that? That pun stinks worse than my shoes!") Zippy's duties include helping to maintain SSI-related pages on the site including BLIP, BLUE LIGHTS, and Conventions. Turn-ons: clear days, comets, sun-worshippers, sunglasses, and early risers. Turn-offs: sunspots, clouds, rain, and night owls. A glance at his mail reveals a CD of Tchaikovsky's Greatest Hits and a donation request for skin cancer research. His comments at staff meetings are always—dare we say it?—illuminating.
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