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"We consider him a pioneering spirit in Starman-related creativity."
— Thomas Dachsel & Yvette Jessen

"The plane! The plane!" Mike shouts, in a rather mangled imitation of Herve Villechaize. What a pipsqueak. Kid had an encyclopedic knowledge of TV reruns by the age of nine, if that can be considered an accomplishment of some sort. Where were we? Oh yes...about your host.

A Starmanizer since 1987, discovered Spotlight STARMAN in 1989 and was delighted to find like-minded folks. Bruce has been a writer and editor since 1979. His first "professional" assignment was assistant editor and then editor of his high school newspaper, Cross Currents. He has since been guest editor of the letterzines FOCUS and BLUE LIGHTS, and was co-editor of the supplement to BLUE LIGHTS, BLIP (BLUE LIGHTS Info Pulse), and also an assistant editor for BLUE LIGHTS. He published his first STARMAN story, Snowstorm in 1989. He was also the editor of Bird Tracks, the newsletter of the Salt Lake Birders, in 2001.

After joining Spotlight STARMAN in 1989, Bruce served in many capacities, first as regional coordinator for Utah, then as a member of the STARMAN Computer Task Force, which sought to bring computer equipment and technical knowledge to Spotlighters who needed such things. We still fondly remember buying Vicki Werkley's first modem with donations gathered at the 1992 STARMAN FAMILY-CON. Bruce then served as a Spotlight STARMAN Council Member for four years.

1993 found him organizer of the very successful Star Island Adventure, which took 13 attendees from the past (the Musuem of Natural History at the University of Utah) to the future (the wildly popular Hansen Planetarium). A visit to Utah's Antelope Island (our Star Island) in the Great Salt Lake and a tour of Salt Lake City landmarks completed the con, which was followed by an After-Con Journey (ACJ) that took participants to the Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado, the Arches National Park in Utah, and Four Corners (the point where Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona form the only place in the United States contiguous to four states.)

1993 also brought AMAZING VARIETY, Bruce's first STARMAN fanzine. It was followed by STARCROSSED in 1994, a fanzine of STARMAN "crossover" stories that featured other Spotlighters' favorite fandoms. In 1995 Bruce published his seminal STARMAN story, Moonlight Express, which won the Fan Quality Award that year for best STARMAN Stand-Alone Fanzine. In 1996, Effie Burton joined him to produce STARCROSSED 2 and the Fan Quality Award winning STARMAN zine STARLIGHT.

Bruce thinks he's found his home planet right here in M33.

2000 brought his fifth fanzine, STARLORE, to print. 2001 brought another Fan-Q for STARLORE, tinkering on several of his STARMAN projects and the transition to Mac OS X. (Got Unix?) In fall of 2001 he joined Spotlighter Todd Andrew's Portland, OR, home as a renter, and now enjoys a beautiful view of "Mount Hawthorne" from the kitchen during breakfast on rare clear days in the Pacific Northwet.

Bruce works in the computer customer support business, and also moonlights as a web and graphic designer, with an emphasis on authors, book publishing a t-shirts. He is also a player of Blizzard's MMORPG World of Warcraft, where he may be found hanging out on the Antonidas server, Alliance Faction.

For more information about Bruce, STAR ISLAND, Driftwood Press, Last Minute Productions, web or graphic design services, this website, or for any other reason, Bruce can be reached at:

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