Star Island was born in 1990 as a service bureau for Spotlight Starman International volunteers. It originally produced labels and forms and served as technical support for STARMAN fans with computers. Todd and Bruce also came up with some ingenious snooker-scams in those days, including one called the "SphereFAX"—a fax machine powered by spheres! (We think the Council fell for that least until they read the fine print!)

In 1993 Star Island forged onward into the realm of fanzines with the publicaton of AMAZING VARIETY. This 90-page tome was from "Star Island Press" (which was later renamed Driftwood Press). It was followed in 1994 by a revolutionary 220-page "crossover" fanzine called STARCROSSED. This featured stories in which STARMAN characters "crossed over" into other fandoms. 1995 brought the story Moonlight Express. It won the Fan Quality Award for best STARMAN stand-alone fanzine. This was also the first zine to bear the moniker of Bruce's personal efforts—"Last Minute Productions." He chose that name because it seemed like nothing got finished until the Last Minute! In 1996 Effie Burton helped us publish not one but two zines: STARCROSSED 2 and STARLIGHT, another Fan-Q winner. See the Fanzines Page for more information.

Also In 1993, Bruce organized and hosted the Star Island Adventure with the help of Todd Andrews, Vicki Werkley, Sandra Smith and Effie Burton. This four-day event featured trips to Antelope island (a real island in the Great Salt Lake), the Hansen Planetarium (where attendees saw space and laser shows, and toured the accompanying museum), the Museum of Natural History at the University of Utah, Temple Square, the State Capitol Building, and more. It was followed by an After-Con Journey (ACJ) that travelled to Arches National Park in UT, Mesa Verde National Park in CO, and Four Corners—the unique spot where Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona conjoin.

In 1997 Bruce took Todd to the Jividen's vacation property, which bears the designation "The Last Resort." They had an interesting adventure involving sightseeing and a leaking gas tank.

In 1999 Bruce wrote his first STARMAN fiction piece for a fanzine that wasn't his own. The story is called Independence and debuted at FAMILY-CON 2000 in the fanzine UNIVERSAL CROSSROADS, by Space Cadet Publications.

2000 brought the STARMAN CD-ROM's, the fanzine STARLORE, and this website.

In 2001, the Island relocated to Portland, Oregon. Bruce now has a spotlighter for a roommate and another in the neighborhood, and a view of "Mt. Hawthorne" (Mt. St. Helens) from his kitchen window on a clear day!

In 2002 Bruce vastly improved his knowledge of web design, resulting in big improvements for the site, including the addition of the Blue Sky MIne and the comic strip Starville.

2003 brought the STARVIEWING IN IRONWOOD con, which Bruce was a con assistant for, in addition to doing graphic artwork (including his first-ever t-shirt work).

2004 was very busy with the STARMAN FAMILY-CON 2004, which Bruce did extensive graphic design work for (including another t-shirt), and a new career for Bruce at Stream.

In 2005 there was no official gathering, but many small gatherings, and Bruce assisted Vicki with the creation of a book cover.

2006 will be the 20th anniversary of STARMAN!!!

TAA at Four Corners

Who says you can't be in four places at the same time?
Todd Andrews has the spread on Four Corners.

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