Welcome to the Star Island Campfire, where we share our stories, songs, poems, and dreams about STARMAN. Pull up a log and sit in front of the crackling flames for awhile and do some reading.

Our featured story is Bruce's SNOWSTORM, The Author's Definitive Edition. It was first printed in STARLIGHT in 1996, and is online for the first time, with color graphics and extras prepared especially for the Campfire. We hope you enjoy this classic STARMAN tale about how "War Is Not The Answer."

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The Summer Heat
Just Cooled Off.


The U.S. Space Shuttle Inferno lifts off from Cape Canaveral. In its cargo bay is the most dangerous military payload ever launched into orbit. The Americans will do anything to protect it. The Soviet Union will stop at nothing to destroy it.


Contact with the Inferno is lost, plunging the two superpowers into a tailspin of sabotage, intrigue, and terrorism that threatens to ignite the ultimate war. There's only one "thing" standing between the finger and the button. That "thing" is Scott Hayden.


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Other stories in our library:

"The Ambassador" by Bruce R. Jividen

"Have STARMAN, Will Travel" by Bruce R. Jividen

"Extinction" by Bruce R. Jividen

"Random Acts of Kindness" by Selma McCrory

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