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Welcome to the Star Island Blue Sky Mine! This is the place we'll place some treasures for you: desktop wallpapers for your computer! Scroll down and see if you find a data nugget or two to take home to your desktop!

Here are some wallpapers for your desktop.
Click the thumbnail to open the highest-resolution version.

Starchild Desktop Wallpaper 2

"Starchild" Desktop II

(1280x960, 196KB)
(1024x768, 136KB)
(800x600, 88KB)

Our second Starchild desktop is hella cosmic.

Starman Desktop Wallpaper

"Starman" Desktop

(1280x960, 140KB)
(1024x768, 100KB)
(800x600, 68KB)

Fox may not be able to catch Starman, but now you can put him right on your screen.

Starchild Desktop Wallpaper

"Starchild" Desktop

(1280x960, 144KB)
(1024x768, 100KB)
(800x600, 68KB)

You can have a Starchild on your desktop too.

SSI Desktop Wallpaper

SSI On Your Desktop

(1280x960, 280KB)
(1024x768, 200KB)
(800x600, 140KB)

You won't find one of these on George Fox's desktop, but it might be right at home on yours.

Starman Japan Desktop Wallpaper


(1280x960, 156KB)
(1024x768, 112KB)
(800x600, 76KB)

This desktop celebrates the return of STARMAN to Japanese TV screens.

Logo Basic Black Wallpaper

Basic Black

(1280x960, 76KB)
(1024x768, 52KB)
(800x600, 40KB)

Nothing fancy here, just a chromatic logo on a basic black background. Rather stark, but we like it anyway.

Chromatic Bomb Wallpaper

Chromatic Bomb

(1280x960, 512KB)
(1024x768, 360KB)
(800x600, 244KB)

Our most shagadelic rendering ever looks like a tie-dye explosion in a 1960's paisley paint factory. If you're brave enough to actually put this one on your desktop, you might want to wear sunglasses at the computer.

TRHIFC Desktop Wallpaper

TRHIFC On Your Desktop

(1280x960, 280KB)
(1024x768, 208KB)
(800x600, 140KB)

A "star" and "man" like no TRHIFC members and Hays fans have a desktop of their own.

Primordial Star Island Wallpaper

Primordial Island

(1280x960, 192KB)
(1024x768, 100KB)
(800x600, 84KB)

A Blue Light from the Mothership checks out a primordial Star Island just rising from the sea.

Sep 11th Wallpaper

3 am, September 11th, 2001

(1280x1024, 163KB)
(800x600, 80KB)

The twin towers stand proudly one final night.

Blue Peak Wallpaper

Blue Peak Overflight

(1280x1024, 221KB)
(800x600, 101KB)

The Mothership swoops over a marble-blue peak.

Rosetta Sphere Wallpaper

Rosetta Sphere

(1280x1024, 331KB)
(800x600, 136KB)

Alien artifact? Megalithic Monument? A glowing sphere investigates the mystery.

Mothership Departs Island Wallpaper

Mothership Departs the Island

(1280x1024, 240KB)
(800x600, 103KB)

The Mothership leaves Star Island.

Marble Beach Sphere Wallpaper

Marble Beach Sphere

(1280x1024, 240KB)
(800x600, 103KB)

A marble sphere sits by a Star Island lagoon.

Under the Stars Wallpaper

"Under the Stars" Commemorative

(1280x1024, 232KB)
(1280x1024, 232KB) (Star Island Logo)
(800x600, 106KB) (Star Island Logo)

In this graphic commemorating the "Under the Stars" Gathering, a huge pale moon hangs over an ice-age Mt. Hawthorne, dominating the starry, comet-strewn sky.

Star Families Wallpaper

Star Families Are Forever

(1280x1024, 244KB)
(800x600, 100KB)

A graphic symbolizing our STARMAN Family. The six "blue lights" of the Sickle of Leo represent the six continents of Earth, with the empowering spirit of STARMAN standing behind them, embodied by the Mothership sphere.

Icesphere Thumbnail

Ice Sphere

(1280x1024, 214KB)
(800x600, 93KB)

The hovering, silvery orb of the Mothership reflects an icy landscape below.

Other good desktop picture sites: Link has a "Starscapes" category and many other great categories.

Karen Isley Art Gallery Link

The Karen Isley Art Gallery has more STARMAN wallpapers!

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