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Since July 17, 1987, BLUE LIGHTS has been the official printed newsletter of Spotlight STARMAN International, by and for those who appreciate the STARMAN TV series and movie. BLUE LIGHTS provides comprehensive coverage of all aspects of SSI. You don't have to be a subscriber in order to enjoy membership in SSI. Membership in SSI is open and FREE to all.

Regular features in BLUE LIGHTS include: Liz Baynes PO Box (Starman merchandise), Con & Gathering Reports (highlights from conventions and mini-gatherings), Guest Star News (sightings and other news about guest stars), "How Novel..." (STARMAN fanzines and fiction), BLUE PAGES Updates (contact information for members), Star Family News and Announcements (what's new with members), From the Files of the FSA (how the Federal Security Agency might view the fandom's activities), and more!

Thank you for sending a SASE (self-addressed, stamped envelope) with all postal correspondence.

Prices are as follows:

Single issue: $3.00

Double issue: $6.00 (or two singles)

2 Doubles: $12.00 (or four singles)

Full subscription: $18.00 (3 doubles or 6 singles)

BONUS! Your BLUE LIGHTS subscription now includes BLIP, the new supplement to BL.

For subscribing information contact: .

Questions about BLUE LIGHTS? Contact the editors: or .

The SSI Blue Lights Page: Click Here

For back issues or for more information about the BLUE LIGHTS Buddies system, which provides BLUE LIGHTS for reduced cost or for free, contact: .

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Recent BLUE LIGHTS Cover Scans and Info

BL 64/65 Thumbnail

BLUE LIGHTS #64/65 — Summer 1998

Paul and Scott walk (perhaps on a Star Island Beach) while they ponder how their story will be told in the future, reflecting this issue's theme, Celebrating the Future of STARMAN. This double issue is bursting with seven pages of StarFamily updates; the 1998 Fan-Q's; Council Report; Liaison Reports; Guest Star News; lots of information about the STARMAN Movie of the Week (SMOW); How Novel; Cons & Gatherings; SFC '98 Info; and more! 52pp, $6 postpaid.

BL 66 Thumbnail

BLUE LIGHTS #66 — Fall '98/Winter-Spring '99

A father-son dolphin duo frolic on this issue's cover, Celebrating the Year of the Ocean and SFC '98. In addition to five pages of StarFamily News, it includes: 1999 Fan Q's; Project Blue Light (PBL) Update; Council Report; Liaison Reports; Guest Star News; Liz Baynes PO Box; Cons & Gatherings; and a lengthy report with many photos about STARMAN FAMILY-CON 1998. 24pp, $3 postpaid.

Issue #66 was followed by BLIP #1, which can be read online here. Remember, BLUE LIGHTS subscribers get BLIP for free!

BL 67/68 Thumbnail

BLUE LIGHTS #67/68 — The Six-Season Issue

A Starman and Starson want you—to be at STARMAN FAMILY-CON 2000! Celebrating the Spirit of STARMAN, this issue is crammed with nine pages of StarFamily updates; Liaison Reports; Council Report; 2000 Fan-Q's; an original song by Julie Everett; From the Files of the FSA; How Novel; Liz Baynes PO Box; Cons & Gatherings (11 whopping pages!); SFC2K info. 46pp, $6 postpaid.

BL 69/70 Thumbnail

BLUE LIGHTS #69/70 — The 2001 Issue

Starman cradles the New York City skyline on this issue's cover, our first since the events of 9/11. Celebrating Unity and Diversity, this issue is packed with ten pages of StarFamily news (including weddings, births, deaths, and address changes); the 2001 Fan-Q results; updates on SMOW, StarNovel, Starborn, and the Wild Horse Sanctuary; Council Report; Liaison Reports; StarStaffer Notes; How Novel, For the Record, From the Files of the FSA, and Cons and Gatherings Columns; SFC2K Reports; and two poems, including Vicki Werkley's Fan-Q winning "What Did Starman Do?" (about the terrorist attacks). 50 pp, $6 postpaid.

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